Quality Custom Parts without the “Custom” Price Tag

At Fabri-Tech, we challenge you to challenge us to do the impossible. With our custom converting services, we can manufacture nearly any parts or components your product requires. We’re open to new ideas and new designs, and will bring them to life.

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Don’t let the term “custom converting” fool you: our custom products don’t carry the high price tag that “custom” often implies. We call our products custom because we have no parts catalog and no standard products—everything we create, from die cut foam parts to EMI gaskets to thermal management components, is based on the unique designs of our customers. They’re all one-of-a-kind designs, which can be produced in any volume. The only limit to what we can manufacture for you is your own imagination.

The key to Fabri-Tech’s custom converting processes is finding the right combination of elements to create your product in the best, most efficient way possible. We will work with you to finalize your designs, find the ideal material or materials from which to manufacture your product and select the best process to use. We have special tooling and dies made for each new project, to meet the exact specifications of your design.

Despite Fabri-Tech’s many levels of custom service, finished custom parts and products are very cost-effective. Whether you need one part or more, whether you need prototype parts or full production runs, we can do it all. And we deliver customer orders with some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

After we’ve helped you create the ideal custom parts for your project, we store the tooling and design information, making reorders and additional production fast and easy. All of our customers’ design data is kept strictly confidential and will never be divulged to any unauthorized third party.

Fabri-Tech knows how to make the perfect custom products for your needs, because custom products are what we do. Let your imagination run wild, and let us make it real. Request a quote for the custom converting services you need, or contact Fabri-Tech for more information.

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