Leading Material Converter, Gasket Fabricator & Custom Assembly Provider

Fabri-Tech Components, Inc., is a leading material converter and custom assembly provider. We specialize in the customized precision fabrication of components for a wide range of industries, some of which include:

  • Electronics Industry – Electronic devices are around most people on a daily basis. Fabri-Tech manufactures products that make sure that these devices are consistently running at peak levels.
  • Telecom Industry – Fabri-Tech’s line of products for the telecommunications industry is uniquely suited for use in telecom devices, and can be instrumental to their function and performance.
  • Medical Industry – When it comes to highly functional electronic equipment the medical industry understands the need like no other industry. Fabri-Tech manufactures a wide range of components to help medical devices function at their peak.
  • Auto Industry – There are many types of components that are involved in the manufacturing of an automobile. Fabri-Tech will work with you to create custom parts and components that perfectly match your auto requirement needs.

Worldwide Material Converting Capabilities

Fabri-Tech’s state-of-the-art manufacturing services can create parts and components that perfectly match the needs of any customer application. Our custom material converting capabilities can provide you with superior quality services, including: assistance with design, material selection, prototyping, fabrication, and final production. At Fabri-Tech we have the experience, the expertise, and the technology required to meet or exceed your expectations. Though our products are primarily used in electronic devices, we serve a broad array of industries and markets.

We offer a number of precision manufacturing capabilities to create custom assemblies that match our customers’ design specifications. We manufacture a full line of protective components, all completely customized to the needs of the customer, and we welcome the challenge that your project will present. Dimensional accuracy and repeatability are hallmarks of our materials converting service.

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Material Converting Applications

Fabri-Tech has the skills needed to create superior parts and components for your industry needs. Our world class material converting capabilities include:

  • Custom Die Cutting & Converting – Working with your design drawings or CAD files we can create custom die cutting or custom material converting services to meet your exact project requirement needs.
  • Silkscreen Printing – Our silkscreen printing process allows us to print any graphics, company logos, legends, or labels you’d like directly onto your finished products.
  • Hot Stamping – Our hot stamping services allow us to add logos, wording, graphics, or other designs to the surface of the parts and components that we manufacture.
  • Label Printing - Using our automated Letterpress machines, we can create custom labels to meetCustom Label Printing Services your project requirement needs. Our custom label printing processes can create a custom label tailored to your specific project design.
  • Shielding Services - Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can cause numerous problems in electronic equipment. Our materials can be fully customized to your exact configurations. Our pieces can then be applied where needed to block EMI.
  • Laser Cutting - Laser cutting is useful for many applications, and is especially beneficial for prototyping. Our laser cutting services can cut and create parts and components to extremely tight tolerances.

Fabri-tech takes pride in serving the needs of our customers. Additional capabilities include:

  • Rotary Converting - Rotary die cutting is an extremely accurate and high-value manufacturing process that provides exceptional results in a short amount of time. Our rotary die machines are used to cut, to your application’s exact specifications.
  • Flatbed Converting - Fabri-Tech uses flatbed converting to produce precision custom parts for any application. Our flatbed stamping processes can be used to create any quantity of products from your custom designs.
  • Custom Converting - We will work with you to finalize your designs, find the ideal materials for electro-mechanical components from which to manufacture your product, and select the best process to use.
  • EMI Shielding - Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can cause any number of problems in electronic equipment, even in the most advanced models. Fabri-Tech’s shielding services will help protect your devices from EMI and protect users from any potentially harmful emissions.

Guaranteed Quality & Consistency

Fabri-Tech has the custom material converting capabilities to perform a range of in-house testing to ensure the quality of our completed products. We can UV and heat cure various adhesive technologies and print them directly onto your components. In addition, Fabri-Tech can provide subassemblies and kitted parts, as well as full clean-room access for material converting, assembly, and packaging.

Every component Fabri-Tech manufactures is made to specifically match our customers’ exact design specifications. Our worldwide converting facilities enable us to meet the demands of peak quantity production runs, while maintaining the highest exacting standards of quality and precision.

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