Polyester Material Converting

Polyester is perhaps the most well-known polymer material. There are many different types of polyesters, both naturally occurring and synthetic. The material is commonly used to make fabrics for clothing, blankets, furniture, and much more. Polyester is also used to make “plastic” bottles, LCD displays, yarns and ropes, filters, and a wide range of other products. It is also often used as a finish on high-end wood products.

Fabri-Tech uses polyester in a number of our material converting processes. Because it is easily bendable and foldable, polyester can be used to make a variety of products for our customers.

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Custom Polyester Converting Services

Thanks to the material’s versatility and our extensive material converting capabilities, Fabri-Tech can create nearly any polyester part or component you can imagine. Polyester is an effective low-voltage insulating material, and as such, we often use it to create custom insulation for electronic devices. Polyester is also easy to print on and readily bonds to most adhesives. Because of this, Fabri-Tech also uses polyester to create labels for our customers’ products. It is also useful for decorative purposes.

In most material converting projects, we utilize clear polyester; colored polyester is also available, if your application requires it. Polyester is UL rated for low flammability, highly water resistant, and easy to fabricate into any size, shape, or design that your custom project needs.

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