Polyethylene Material

Fabri-Tech uses polyethylene to manufacture a wide range of custom parts and components for our customers. Polyethylene exhibits a number of useful physical characteristics, and can be chemically modified to enhance these characteristics to meet custom specifications.

Polyethylene was synthesized in two different forms, accidentally both times, before its first intentional industrial synthesis in 1935, by ICI chemist Michael Perrin. Commercial distribution in Britain was halted during World War II, but research continued in the US. Two new, easier-to-work-with catalysts for polyethylene synthesis were discovered in the early 1950s, and these two catalysts are still in use today, though others have been discovered as well. Perhaps the most famous product to be made from polyethylene is the hula hoop.

Custom Polyethylene Converting Services

Fabri-Tech works with polyethylene in densities ranging from two pounds to ten pounds. It is easy to fabricate and to covert to the custom shapes, sizes, and designs required by our customers. Polyethylene bonds well with adhesives, including most acrylic, rubber, and silicone based adhesive technologies. Because it is a closed cell material, polyethylene exhibits excellent water resistance.

While there are fewer “options” available in the polyethylene family than there are in, for example, the polyurethane family, polyethylene is still a very versatile material. Different additives can give polyethylenes a number of different properties—it can be made softer, stiffer, lighter, heavier, or flame rated, among other possible modifications.

Depending on the needs of your custom design, Fabri-Tech will help you select the proper polyethylene for your project. It is, of course, very useful for polyethylene gaskets, and we also use it for seals, water resistant applications, decorative purposes, and a variety of other uses. All of our products manufactured from polyethylene are completely customizable to match the requirements of your unique design.

Request a quote on the polyethylene parts and components your project needs. Or, contact Fabri-Tech for more information on our custom polyethylene production processes.