Nomex 410

Nomex 410 is a versatile material used by Fabri-Tech to manufacture electronic insulation products. Nomex 410 offers outstanding dielectric strength, toughness, flexibility, and resilience, and is highly adaptable to a variety of uses. Nomex 410 exhibits excellent thermal, chemical, and radiation resistance.

Structurally, Nomex is very similar to nylon, but is far more rigid and durable. This DuPont product has a UL rating of 94 V-0. We work with this material in thicknesses from two to 30 mils. While several variations of Nomex are available, we work with Nomex 410 for most applications. We will work with you to determine the ideal Nomex variety for your needs.

Nomex Custom Converting Capabilities

Its fabric-like structure makes Nomex 410 very easy to work with. Our converting capabilities enable us to fabricate Nomex 410 into any custom design you may require. If your design requires dielectric or thermal insulation, whether you need if for a PCB, handheld device, or other electronic products, Nomex 410 is a versatile, dependable option.

Request a quote on custom insulation or other Nomex components for your project. Or, contact Fabri-Tech for more information on Nomex 410’s unique protective properties.