Advanced EMI Shielding Converting & Manufacturing

Fabri-Tech creates the ideal custom product for your needs. We have a variety of production capabilities at our disposal, and work with a broad range of materials. These factors enable us to manufacture products that match your specifications and meet or exceed your expectations. Our worldwide converting and manufacturing facilities allow us to complete any customer project quickly and cost effectively, while maintaining our high standards of quality.

EMI interference is uncontained electrical noise that is circulated over a wide range of frequencies that originally exists at a base frequency and then eventually produces multiple harmonics. Technology has created more opportunity for electrical noise therefore it is important that highly sensitive devices and components be shielded from EMI interference.

EMI Gaskets & Shielding Prevent Electromagnetic Interference

EMI can cause many significant problems for all types of electronic equipment. Even the newest and most advanced models are susceptible to the effects of EMI. At Fabri-Tech, we provide custom EMI shielding options to help electronics manufacturers block this interference. For cell phones, medical devices, A/V components, or any products of similar function or purpose that could potentially suffer the ill effects of electromagnetic interference, our EMI gaskets & shielding are a made-to-order solution. Some of the additional benefits of EMI/RFI gaskets & shielding include:

  • Device sensitivity protection through increased immunity of susceptible circuits.
  • Circuit isolation through shielding, grounding, and filtering
  • Suppression interference that corresponds to immunity requirements.

EMI Interference vs. RFI Interference

RFI and EMI interference share a range of similarities and differences. However, EMI is a frequency of electrical noise, while RFI is a specific subset of electrical noise on the EMI spectrum. Radiofrequency interference can also be described as a disturbance that affects an electrical circuit due to either electromagnetic conduction or electromagnetic radiation emitted from an external source. The disturbance may interrupt, obstruct, degrade, or limit the effective performance of the circuit. In addition, the negative consequences that result from electromagnetic interference can include temporary disturbances, data losses, system failure, and loss of life.

Fabri-Tech can cut copper foil, aluminum foil, or other materials to the exact configurations of your product or device, and these cut-out pieces can then be applied where needed to block EMI. The same processes and materials can be used to shield end users from emissions that your devices may generate.

The Perfect Shielding Material for Your Device

As premiere EMI manufacturers Fabri-Tech can create the perfect custom EMI components for your products. We have many different methods and materials at our disposal with which to fabricate EMI gaskets. Our EMI components are manufactured from a variety of materials, including:

  • Fabric over Foam materials
  • Stamped elastomers
  • Extruded elastomers
  • Die-cut elastomers

In addition, EMI shielding & gaskets can be die cut, water jet cut, or compression molded from electrically conductive silicone rubber compounds with age and weather resistance. They can also be manufactured from conductive fluorosilicone rubber for additional chemical resistance.

Whatever your focus, the Fabri-Tech team offers smart and effective converting and manufacturing solutions for your EMI shielding gasket needs. We focus on delivering unmatched service and a full spectrum of EMI shielding & gasket manufacturing capabilities and products throughout various industries.

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