About Fabri-Tech Components, Inc.

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Founded in 1993, Fabri-Tech Components, Inc., manufactures some of the industry’s finest custom assemblies for industrial, medical, automotive, telecom, and electronic devices. We manufacture a wide range of protective products, from EMI gaskets, Protective films, custom insulation components to Thermal management solutions. Our products can be found in smart devices, medical equipment and Patches, automotive systems, and a whole spectrum of other devices.

Our expert team offers personal service to help create the ideal solution for our customers’ needs. And, though the parts and components we create are completely “custom” creations, made to match the specifications of your design, you won’t pay the exorbitant prices commonly associated with “custom” work. We offer fast, efficient, cost-effective prototyping and production for any custom assembly your project requires.

ISO Certified Services

Fabri-Tech has met the certification requirements for both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. Please call us with any additional questions.

Fabri-Tech’s excellence is built on:

  • years of experience working with some of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world
  • exceptional service, speed, and pricing
  • strong engineering fundamentals
  • long-standing business relationships with leading materials suppliers
  • investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and equipment

Additionally, our worldwide network of manufacturing, sales, and support facilities give us a true competitive advantage in supplying our customers around the globe.

Request a quote on custom assemblies and components for your products. Or, contact Fabri-Tech to learn more about our materials converting capabilities.