The Process for Rotary Die Cutting of Materials

With our rotary die cutting capabilities, we can create parts that match the exact design specifications of products used in a broad range of industries. Rotary converting provides unsurpassed sealing solutions for industries throughout the world. Rotary converting is an extremely accurate and high-value manufacturing process that provides exceptional results in a short amount of time. Our rotary die machines are used to cut to your application’s exact specifications.

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The creation of die cut foam and rotary die cutting is controlled through a cylindrical die utilization process that creates cuts by working against a hardened anvil roll. The die cutting machines are controlled by servo motors that allow for precise die cutting control and registration of parts. Through this process, the rotary die cutting materials are fed from unwound spindles and are then die cut and rewound or supplied as specified.

To provide even quicker turnaround times, multiple materials can be laminated together with die cut pressure-sensitive adhesives, which produces parts that can be supplied on a liner. This process produces rotary die cut gaskets that are economical, efficient, and reliable.

Common Rotary Die Cut Materials

At Fabri-Tech, we provide a wide range of material options for our rotary die cutting processes. Whether your rotary die cutting requires die cutting foam, insulating materialrubber sealing thermal gasket materials, or another type of specific material, rotary die cutting is the most effective way to produce what you need. Rotary die cutting provides superior precision for even the most complex parts and perfect repeatability from the first piece to the last. The versatility of rotary die cutting allows for many different types of materials to be cut into various forms using the precision die cutting process, including:

  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Adhesive Materials
  • Foam
  • Graphite
  • Paper
  • Felts
  • Fabrics
  • Cork

The rotary die cutting process also makes it easy to create custom die cut components with complex layers, features and shapes.

Rotary Die Cutting & Converting Advantages

Custom die cutting provides an unmatched level of uniformity that produces an extremely unique final product. Some of the direct benefits of die cutting include:

  • Cutting products from a web (continuous roll)
  • Producing less waste than other, comparable methods
  • Low-tolerance, precision cutting
  • Fast turnaround times
  • High volume projects of consistent cut
  • Smaller sized products
  • Multiple process projects
  • Kiss cutting materials on a liner

Custom Rotary Die Cutting & Converting Services

Fabri-Tech utilizes rotary die presses that allow for consistent accuracy and high speed converting of various flexible materials.  Our rotary die presses can be fully customized to provide unique die and kiss cuts while providing inline laminating, scoring, and sheeting. As a custom manufacturer of rotary die cutting materials, we provide quality services that are second to none.

Rotary Die Cut Turnkey Services

If your project requires custom parts as single prototypes or full production runs Fabri-Tech can manufacture the products you need in some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. No order is too large or too small for our rotary die cutting services.

After your order is completed, we will store the tooling and design information used to create the custom parts, making reorders and additional production a fast, easy process. All customer design data is kept strictly confidential—Fabri-Tech will never share this information with any unauthorized third party.

Precision Die Cut Foam & Gasket Design Assistance Capabilities

We will work with you to perfect your designs for maximum manufacturing efficiency and to select the right materials for your design and for the function of the part being produced. There are no limitations to the parts and components we can create through our rotary die cutting processes—if you can imagine it, we can help make it a reality.

Fabri-Tech works from your unique designs to create parts and products that meet the specific needs of your project. Using your CAD files, design drawings, or even just notes scribbled on scratch paper, Fabri-Tech can create custom insulation, foam parts, adhesive gaskets, and more via rotary die cutting.

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With our rotary die cutting capabilities, we can create parts that match the exact design specifications of products used in a broad range of industries. Multiple types of materials can be integrated into your designs in different production stages, with minimal operator interaction and downtime. This keeps production times short to help your project stay on track.

Rotary Die cutting is an extremely accurate and quick process for creating unique products made from a wide range of materials. There are several ways to die cut, including, flatbed, matched metal, and rotary. This custom die cutting process is an extremely versatile way to create, cut, shape, and form products made from sheet or roll plastics. Rotary precision die cutting also allows for high volume production runs.

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