Electrical Enclosure Gasket Material Options

Electronic devices and equipment are acutely sensitive to the intake of fluids, moisture, electromagnetic interference (EMI), dirt, and other contaminants. By utilizing advanced quality electrical enclosure gaskets, sensitive components within electronic devices and equipment can be effectively protected from adverse conditions.

Fabri-Tech is one of the industry’s leading electrical enclosure gasket suppliers, offering a diverse range of electronic device solutions. We can create gaskets to prevent contaminant infiltration, EMI gaskets to block electromagnetic interference, gap fillers for thermal transfer—with multiple useful and/or protective attributes that can be combined with components & and gaskets for electronic devices.

We utilize several types of production methods and numerous types of materials to create fully customized industrial sealing and gaskets that match your exact design specifications. For both design and function, Fabri-Tech will work with you to create the ideal solution for your project, no matter how simple or complex.

Depending on the required function and device application, we have closed cell, open cell, and specialty materials available. Our premium quality material options for electrical enclosure gaskets, seals and thermal gap fillers and heat spreaders include:

Custom Electrical Enclosure Gasketing

Whether you need your finished product to be submersible in water, to function at high altitudes, or if you just need to keep dust or moisture out of the enclosure, we can produce the custom seal or custom gasket you need. There is almost no size, dimension, or additional feature that is beyond the scope of our production capabilities.

Our gaskets, EMI/RFI shielding, gaskets and gap fillers are completely customized, made to meet the needs of your designs. Fabri-Tech’s experience and technological excellence allow us to manufacture your custom parts and components cost effectively.

Contact Fabri-Tech for more information regarding our seals and gaskets for electronic devices and thermal gap filler options, or request a quote for the custom seals, thermal gap fillers and EMI seals/gaskets to improve the functionality of your device.