Flatbed Die Cutting

Fast & Efficient Custom Flatbed Converting

Fabri-Tech uses flatbed converting to produce precision custom parts for any application. Our flatbed stamping processes can be used to create any quantity of products from your custom designs. Fabri-Tech’s flatbed converting services will deliver the perfect parts for your project.

Flatbed stamping is an automated process that can quickly and easily manufacture the parts you need. Fabri-Tech’s flatbed die cutting & converting is easy to set up, and tooling is less expensive and easier to create than in other processes. Any design changes which necessitate alterations to the required tooling are therefore also easier and less expensive.

Because Fabri-Tech is a completely custom fabricator, there is no limit to the products and parts we can create for our customers. Working from your custom design, we can produce precision parts that will match your exact specifications. If your design idea is in a rough, incomplete form, or if it needs fine-tuning, we also offer in-house design assistance to help turn your design into a finished product.

Using flatbed converting, Fabri-Tech can manufacture your custom parts from any of the materials we work with. We will help you determine the ideal material for the design and function of your part, then devise the fastest and most efficient manufacturing method possible. In this way, we help keep your production costs down while delivering your products in quick turnaround times.

Additionally, we store the design measurements and the tooling used to create your custom parts, making additional production runs and reorders fast and easy. All custom design data is kept strictly confidential and will never be shared with any unauthorized third party.

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