The Perfect Gasket or Shielding for Your Devices

Fabri-Tech’s manufacturing capabilities make it possible to create a wide range of handheld device gaskets, shielding, thermal insulators & components. We can produce custom components to fit any device and for any purpose.

We can manufacture sealing gaskets to keep dust, moisture, and other contaminants from entering your handheld devices. We can create RFI or EMI gaskets to shield your devices from interference. No matter what function you need them to serve, Fabri-Tech’s handheld device gaskets & components are fully customizable to meet your needs.

Today’s high-tech handheld devices have smaller screens that leave little room for gasketing, shielding or protection of the device. Fabri-Tech has a number of unique solutions to add the protection your device needs – whether gasketing, EMI shielding, protective film or thermal management & insulation your devices need, regardless of the available space. We have developed a number of assembly aides and application techniques that enable us to fit the solution into even the tightest spots.

Our team will work with you to create the ideal gasketing, shielding or thermal management solution for your devices. Any dimensions, any design, and any material can be used to give your handheld devices the protection and performance they need.

Thanks to our years of experience in our industry and our technological proficiency, we can manufacture custom parts and components at competitive prices.

Request a quote for the handheld device gaskets your project requires, or contact us to learn more.