Polyimide Insulation

Polyimide offers the highest heat resistance and greatest strength of any polymer material Fabri-Tech works with. Our polyimide converting services can create a broad range of custom products to meet our customers’ needs.

Polyimide materials are lightweight, flexible, and highly resistant to heat, chemicals, and water. These properties make them very useful in a number of industries. Polyimides are used in electronic equipment, semiconductors, coal power plants, and waste incinerators, to name just a few applications. The Japanese experimental spacecraft IKAROS uses polyimide resin sails to propel itself through space without an engine.

Custom Polyimide Converting Services

Fabri-Tech uses polyimide to manufacture highly heat-resistant insulating parts and components. Polyimide insulation is rated UL94V-0, the best possible flammability rating for materials of its type. Polyimide also exhibits high dielectric strength, making it an ideal material for electrical insulators, as well. Our material converting processes can create thermal and electrical polyimide insulation to match the custom specifications of your project.

Polyimide is very strong and puncture resistant. It is easy to fabricate into any size, shape, or design your application requires, and can be used to make high temperature seals and washers. Polyimide is also easy to print on, and so can be used to produce custom labels for high-temperature devices.

Request a quote on custom polyimide insulation other polyimide components for your application. Or, contact Fabri-Tech for more information on our converting capabilities.